Big Recent Winners

Here’s a list of the best winners for the Elite Club’s System bets since the service began on the 19th Septembers 2015. The most recent listed at the top.

Snow Prince 30.32

Imshivalla 37.86

Adventureman 22.66

Shalamzar 22.00

Janes Memory 30.00

Sign Manual 24.00

Show Stealer 38.00

Judical 22.27

State Of Origin 26.13

Liberty’s Gift 38.95

Arcane Dancer 39.16

Play Nicely 21.00

Bushwise 22.15

Elusive Ivy 26.87

Tempo Mac 55.32

Solid Justice 45.22

Gulf Of Poets 43.68

Barwick 21.00

Perfect Pasture 21.00

Oh James 37.1

Frank N Fair 37.38

Teruntum Star 21.00

Rogue Angel 27.00

Just Cause 28.00

Lady Of Longstone 23.61

Whatareudoingtome 23.79

Chesnut Ben 27.00

Try It Sometime 21.48

Henry Higgins 25.28

Speighstown Kid  26.1

Gorey Lane 21.22

Flemenstorm 32.00

So Fine 55.00

Shaden Won 28.86

Tylery Wonder Won 23.93

Mukaynis Won 23.00

Big Baz Won 46.00

Mic Milano Won 28.72

Vicente Won 23.11

Plus many more wins and places…Iv’e just listed all the winners 20/1 ¬†plus on here.

4 thoughts on “Big Recent Winners

  1. Dai Reply

    Dai here this is a great service hope you join as ok not call come home but is a no pressure service no telling you what YOU MUST PUT ON A PARTICULR HORSE no if no buts this service you can bet and bet sensibly to what you feel you can comfortably aford I’m enjoying the services treatment is great no one gets on at you if THE BET LOSES you geto up the anti so comega on down and see what ELITE HAVE TO OFFER.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi Dai mate. Glad to hear you are enjoying the betting and making it pay. Yes there’s no pressure with this service and i’m glad you have noticed. Hopefully we’ll keep finding the winners. Thanks again matey and all the best to you.

  2. David Reply

    Well I don’t normally comment on tipping services as almost without fail they never live up to their hype and their long term profit amounts to next to nothing. This one however is a little different as it actually makes a profit. You need to be disciplined in keeping stakes to a level you are comfortable with i.e not worrying if a sequence of losing bets occur because winners will come at nice prices to offset the losses. The introduction of highlighting selective bets being the best of the day is a good improvement to the service. Yes I would recommend this service to anyone wanting a daily bet at decent prices. Keep up the good work Ben.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Thanks David, glad you are making the service work for you and are applying the correct mindset to achieve success with betting on horses and my services selections. A lot of people seem to be happy with the new selective bets addition which is nice to hear. I’ll do my very best to keep the service showing decent profits. Thanks again mate and all the best to you.

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