Big Winners and Places

Sunday 17th Henry Higgins Won 25.28  Betfair SP was the latest big priced winner for my Weekend Roller service….

Over the last 4 months + 130 Points Profit betting Win and Place at Betfair SP and + 119 Points Profit from just Win only bets.

Below are some of the best winners during this time. There have been plenty more winners and places but i have just listed all the winners over 20/1 on here….

Speighstown Kid  26.1

Gorey Lane 21.22

Flemenstorm 32.00

So Fine 55.00

Shaden Won 28.86

Tylery Wonder Won 23.93

Mukaynis Won 23.00

Big Baz Won 46.00

Mic Milano Won 28.72

Vicente Won 23.11

Selections appear on the Weekend Roller page each Friday, Saturday and Sunday From 11:30am up until 2pm.